Table from forum user Banzaiguy
Material Locations
Wood Logs Servants Quarters, Arcane Library, Ramparts, Summit
Frog's Feet Dread Dungeon, Royal Gardens
Cloth Scraps Endless Spires, Castle Armory, Arcane Library, Palantir
Gum Drops Foundries and Forges, Hall of Court
Eyes of Newts Magus Quarters, Alchemical Laboratory, Throne Room
Bat Wings Deeper Well, Magus Citadel, City in the Cliffs
Leather Hides Dread Dungeon, Castle Armory
Stones Servant's Quarters, Magus Citadel
Iron Ore Foundries and Forges, Endless Spires, Ramparts, City in the Cliffs
Gold Flakes Magus Quarters, Throne Room, Summit
Primstone Alchemical Laboratory, Hall of Court, Royal Gardens, Glitterhelm
Crystals Deeper Well, Arcane Libarary, Hall of Court, Palantir
Obsidian Gems Dread Dungeon, Akititi Jungle
Diamonds Servant's Quarters, Throne Room
Dragon Teeth Magus Quarters, Royal Gardens, Endless Spires, City in the Cliffs
Dragon Scales Foundries and Forges, Castle Armory, Ramparts
Dragon Hearts Alchemical Laboratory, Magus Citadel, Summit, Palantir
Eternia Fragments Deeper Well