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Attack: Melee
Special: Poison Projectile

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Ogres are the first mini-boss encountered in the game. The creature is difficult to take down because of its large amount of health.

The Ogre first appears in the second level, Foundries and Forges, where it spawns from the middle set of doors on the final wave. They are commonly seen in the last several waves of levels, and frequently in Survival Mode.

Attacks and BehaviorEdit

Ogres have three basic attacks: a vertical pound, a horizontal swipe, and a poison projectile.

Once aggravated, the Ogre will fire a poison projectile at its initial target before approaching it and swinging his club (randomly between pounding and swiping). Vertical pounds deal twice the damage as swipes if hit directly, however swipes are much more difficult to sidestep. Being hit with an ogre's club will cause some knockback to heroes. Once an Ogre drops below 50% HP, it will stop for a moment and roar before continuing to move or attack. This gives a useful break in which to reposition oneself to continue the assault. In higher difficulties, this roar is faster.

Ogres cannot be stunned in any way, including shock from Lightning Towers, Shock Beams, and Lightning Stance, Gas Traps, or Enrage Auras. They are also immune to knockback from any hero or tower. Ogres can also be slowly pushed back by a Proton Charge Blast.

Ogres initially attack the first hero or tower that deals damage to it. If another hero or tower deals more damage to the ogre, it will change target.